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Jessica Bowman


I was born and raised in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. While growing up my family raised, trained, and showed Quarter Horses. The hard work of raising horses instilled in me a strong work ethic and competitive drive.

As a teenager my mother purchased a gym membership for me and it didn’t take long before I became extremely passionate for the sport of body building. Soon I was training with Pro power lifters and sharing an obsession for the gym and horses both.

I currently reside in Maryland where I work as a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Nutritionist. Additionally, I compete as an International Female Body Building Professional. My personal motto is “Never give up, shoot for your dreams, and only you can make it happen.” My true desire for competition was inspired by a life threatening infection that left me on life support for two and a half weeks in 2009. The infection spread to my lungs and greatly hindered my ability to breathe. Due to the severity of the infection the doctors believed I would not survive and my mother actually made financial arrangements for my death. To everyone’s surprise, my inherent competitive spirit gave me the strength to pull through and I made a complete recovery.

Using my illness as a learning experience, I now stress to people how important it is to strengthen your body and most importantly your heart. You can live without a lot of things but you cannot and should not jeopardize your health. My personal passion for fitness, coupled with my life threatening illness, continue to inspire me to train others to the best of my ability.

I am training and working with young athletes and teenagers to help them become both better athletes and lifelong fitness enthusiast. I love working with people in the health industry and helping them become the best, physically fit, person they can be.
As well as working on my own goals I am helping my daughter achieve hers in the sport of gymnastics, she wants to get to the Olympics. No dream or goal is too high for anyone, you need to believe you can and make it happen.

Contest History

2015 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro – Women’s Physique
2015 IFBB Atlantic City Europa – 6th place Women’s Physique

2014 IFBB Orlando Europa – 9th place Women’s Physique
2014 IFBB Dallas Europa - 15th place
2014 Toronto Pro Show - 14th place
2014 Wings of Strength Pro Show – 16th place
2013 Masters Nationals* - Overall Physique 35+ Champion & 1st Place in Physique 35+ C

*Awarded IFBB Pro Card
2013 Junior Nationals - 4th Place in Physique C
2012 Nationals - 7th Place in Physique C
2012 IFBB NPC North Am  verican - 10th Place in Physique B
2012 Team Universe - 14th Place in Physique B
2012 East Coast Classic - 1st Place in Physique Open
2012 Philadelphia - 1st Place in Physique Open
2011 Nationals - 16th Place in Figure D
2011 East Coast Classic - 6th Place in Figure B
2011 Maryland* - 4th Place in Figure B

*Held in preceding
2011 Junior USA - 13th Place in Figure D
2011 IFBB NPC Arnold Amateur - 16th Place in Figure D
2010 Great Lakes Classic - 4th Place in Novice Figure & 7th Place in Figure B
2010 East Coast Classic - 2d Place in Figure B


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